The White Lotus 2 e la febbre da Sicilia!
18 Dicembre 2022

The White Lotus 2 and the Sicilian fever (even for a wedding destination in Sicily)!

Everybody’s talking about it, everyone’s watching it, waiting for the final episode scheduled on 20 December of the second season of Mike White’s TV hit series produced by HBO and broadcast by Sky in Italy, which is literally making Americans go crazy…and not only them!

Sicily is displayed in all its wonders, as has not been happening since ‘Nuovo Cinema Paradiso’ or ‘The Godfather’.

Luxury, charm, authenticity and mystery are the undisputable protagonists, together with the main characters interpreting their roles in this intriguing Show.

The events of the characters of the TV series unravel in an enigmatic and impassioned plot that intertwines with the Sicilian ambience, just like a grape vine clinging to its trellis.

In my opinion, far too many stereotypes, a clear choice of the author who offers the audience equally distributed clichés of the “Sicilian way of doing” and of  “American lifestyle”.

The streets hustling and bustling with life, the clattering, the dialect, and even the music of Rosa Balistreri in the background, in Taormina, a luxuriant town wearing its most precious summer clothes.

On stage is the San Domenico Palace, a convent of the 14th century revived as a Four Seasons hotel with a super luxurious Suite, a Spa and a Michelin starred restaurant.

The town of Noto, already showcased to the world in all its Baroque wonder by Dolce and Gabbana, Madonna and other VIP during last year’s summer, unique visions of exquisite estates and manors, such as Villa Elena, which has been given new life by the architect and internal designer Jacques Garcia, displayed to the world in the September 2019 edition of AD, and chosen by the authors as location and residence of Quentin and his uninhibited friends, where Tanya seems to fall into a trap of gold and beauty….

And once again Cefalù, where the characters move from the beach and the sea, place of encounter of the various cast figures, slowly towards the heights of the magnificent Duomo dominating some of the most beautiful scenes.

Or Villa Tasca, one of our most loved and appreciated “venue” for exclusive events for our Italian and foreign clients, whose frescoes provide color to the opening theme of White Lotus and which is said to be in Noto but is actually a jewel located in Palermo, where Harper and Daphne spend an evening of relax and unexpected exchange of confidences.

And of course the historical town center of my beloved city, Via Bara all’Olivella where one of my newlywed couples from New York stayed, literally in ecstasy in recognizing the location of the popular TV series, widely known from the east coast to the west coast.

The Teatro Massimo, where the Bohème was on stage, the Etna, the Planeta vineyards, a glimpse of the hinterland, the Italian seawater and the aroma of salt.

In other words, a jubilation of Sicily and of the Sicilian way of living that, from what we are told from our newlywed couples, could see us (and we would certainly love that!) getting many requests for events, since it seems everyone is increasingly going crazy for Sicily in the US.

In New York City tour operators are already selling luxury tours exploring the locations of the shootings, in San Francisco a local entrepreneur has started successfully putting on sale in the US original Teste di Moro from Caltagirone.

And awaiting the final episode, my American brides for 2023 are all jumping for joy, anticipating the times and choosing Sicily as their wedding destination, offering their guests the opportunity of experiencing in person the charm and enchantment experienced on screen.

And I myself, intrigued by their storytelling, have got passionate and have immerged myself in the vision of this TV series 100% made in Sicily. And anxiously awaiting the grand final of the series, I work to satisfy the bizarre requests of my American brides incorporating a timing “entrance to the hall” on the notes and rhythm of “Cristobal Tapia De Veer”, the well-known opening theme of one of today’s most popular Shows.

Enjoy the Show…and stay tuned, who knows what surprises may be coming in!

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